Accounting services

Kalkulator i długopis na raportach finansowychToday, more and more entities are required to keep full accounting, i.e. recording revenues and costs. Meanwhile, in an environment of constantly changing legislation, the accounting department can be overloaded and control and effective management of the company may be severely hampered.

In this situation, a convenient solution is outsourcing accounting tasks to a specialised office and signing a contract that takes into account your individual needs. The contract may provide for a form of receipt of documents other than in person, such as online transmission in the form of scans.


In order to meet the expectations of our clients, we provide comprehensive accounting services, including:

  • keeping accounting records,
  • keeping revenue and expense ledger,
  • keeping records (registers) for the purpose of settling VAT,
  • formal and accounting control of documents,
  • handling settlements with the tax authorities, preparation and submitting declarations,
  • representation before the tax authorities,


hanks to the constant cooperation with a statutory auditor, we can offer an audit of financial statements and ongoing support from an auditor.


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