Establishment and registration of entities

Osoby na zebraniuWe assist clients in establishing companies and registering entities in Poland. We also help with registration for the purpose of VAT payment, which significantly improves the required procedure. In case of doubt, we advise clients on the choice of the right and optimal legal form for their business.


What legal form to choose?

The choice of the legal form of a business depends on the type and scope of activity and capital at a disposal of an entrepreneur. Smaller entities operate on the basis of the Act on Business Activity, larger entities take the legal form of companies of various types. Registration requirements are different for each of these forms. The easiest task is faced by people establishing a sole proprietorship - at the other extreme of complexity of registration procedures, there are joint stock companies.


Statistical number and other requirements

After obtaining an entry in the register or commercial register, opening a bank account and registration in the REGON system, where the company will be assigned a statistical number, an entrepreneur must register with the tax office competent for the place of business. There, they will declare the form of taxation, the manner of keeping records and receive NIP - tax identification number. Only then can they start operating. For many people, procedures described above may seem problematic, therefore, it is easier to surmount them with the help of advisors. Thanks to cooperation with law firms, we can offer you legal services at every stage of the process of establishment and registration of a business.


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