Merger, division, transformation and restructuring

Osoba wskazująca dane w raporcie finansowymRestructuring and changes in the structure are important elements in a company's development strategy, therefore their planning and implementation should be carefully prepared. We are at your disposal for implementation of this task. We offer comprehensive support in processes such as a merger, division and transformation of business entities.

The scope of our consultancy includes:

  • development of merger, division and transformation plans,
  • assistance in the valuation of enterprises,
  • determining the parity of the exchange of shares/stock in transactions,
  • tax analysis of the plan,
  • accounting analysis,
  • analysis and advice in determining tax consequences of changes,
  • advice and assistance in creating structures of a new company.

Our competences guarantee our clients full comfort and security in implementation of the adopted plans. Due to cooperation with law firms, we can also offer you comprehensive legal services throughout the entire process.


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