VAT and excise duty refund

Zeznania podatkowe PITValue added tax and issues related to excise duty are particularly important in activities of entrepreneurs as they are associated with the risk of inspection in companies. In this case, the source of problems and controversies may include such issues as: deadlines for the establishment of a tax obligation, the right to deduct input tax related to e.g. an issue of shares or taxation of certain transactions. Errors or late fulfilment of obligations may expose entrepreneurs to severe penalties, threatening financial liquidity and further functioning of a company.

We offer comprehensive assistance in monitoring this tax area and effective management of entrepreneurs' obligations in order to reduce risks and ensure their security with regard to tax authorities.

Another crucial service related to handling this group of issues is effective support of clients in the process of obtaining VAT and excise duty refunds, both from European Union countries and from third countries, including representation as a proxy.


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