Representation of clients during administrative and tax proceedings

Uściśnięte dłonieEntrepreneurs cannot plead ignorance of the procedures and regulations, all the more so because in such situations sanctions can be very severe, ranging from financial penalties amounting to millions of zlotys to the forfeiture of an entire enterprise. Then the consequences of incorrect or unlawful tax decisions are borne by everyone - owners, employees and contractors of the bankrupt company.y.

In line with our corporate philosophy, we are at our clients' disposal for any tax-related matter and always strive to prevent crisis situations in time. However, when necessary, we offer them assistance and representation in disputes and proceedings before tax authorities and administrative courts.

These are situations that require experience, knowledge of current legislation and effective argumentation. At the client's request, we also act as a proxy, within the scope defined by the Tax Consultancy Act.


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