Tax reviews

Mysz komputerowa i długopis na deklaracjach podatkowychOur office performs tax reviews (due diligence), the purpose of which is to verify settlements as well as identify areas of potential tax risk. This allows us to identify ways of reducing it and enables modification of the company's existing accounting system in order to optimise it.

The scope of a tax review is agreed with clients individually, depending on the company's business profile, the period for which the review is to be carried out and areas to be covered.

We offer periodic reviews and ongoing or ad hoc cooperation with advisors, which can help prevent new risks and also facilitate risk management.

The tax review we offer may include:

  • verification of the legal status of a company and assessment of its impact on the form of taxation,
  • analysis and review of the company's accounting documentation and contracts with contractors,
  • reviews of financial statements and accounting books,
  • review and analysis of results of an audit of a financial statement by an auditor,
  • problem-based review verifying the scale of a specific threat.

We take action in every situation, including crisis situations. We support our clients during tax inspections or proceedings, putting maximum effort into the fastest and most favourable outcome for them - we help improving communication with tax authorities. We work with reputable law firms, thanks to which we can offer clients various forms of legal advice.


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